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Always buy Australian Opal  10 Must-Know Dangers of Buying Welo Opal

Always buy Australian Opal 10 Must-Know Dangers of Buying Welo Opal

Welo Opal is a stunning gemstone known for its vibrant play-of-color and mesmerizing beauty. However, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers associated with this gemstone. In this blog post, we will explore ten must-know dangers of Welo Opal to help you make an informed decision when purchasing or wearing this gemstone.

1. Fragility

Welo Opal is a delicate gemstone that requires special care. It has a relatively low hardness rating compared to other gemstones, making it more prone to scratches and damage. Avoid wearing Welo Opal jewelry during activities that may expose it to rough surfaces or impact.

2. Sensitivity to Heat and Moisture

Welo Opal is highly sensitive to heat and moisture. Exposing the gemstone to high temperatures or sudden changes in temperature can cause it to crack or lose its play-of-color. Additionally, prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to discoloration or damage to the gemstone.

3. Susceptibility to Chemicals

Chemicals found in household cleaners, cosmetics, and even some perfumes can be harmful to Welo Opal. These substances can cause the gemstone to lose its luster or even become permanently damaged. It is important to avoid exposing Welo Opal to any harsh chemicals.

4. Vulnerability to Impact

Due to its fragile nature, Welo Opal is susceptible to cracking or chipping upon impact. It is crucial to handle Welo Opal jewelry with care and avoid subjecting it to any forceful impact that could potentially damage the gemstone.

5. Prone to Color Fading

Over time, the vibrant play-of-color in Welo Opal may fade. This can be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light sources. To preserve the gemstone's color, it is advisable to store Welo Opal jewelry in a cool, dark place when not in use.

6. Risk of Losing Brilliance

Welo Opal's brilliance can diminish over time due to the accumulation of dirt, oils, and other substances on the gemstone's surface. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep Welo Opal jewelry looking its best and to maintain its captivating sparkle.

7. Potential for Fractures

Welo Opal may contain internal fractures or inclusions that can weaken the gemstone's structure. These fractures can compromise the gemstone's durability and make it more susceptible to damage. It is essential to inspect Welo Opal jewelry for any visible fractures before purchasing or wearing it.

8. Risk of Being Misrepresented

Unfortunately, the market for gemstones, including Welo Opal, can be prone to misrepresentation. Some unscrupulous sellers may try to pass off synthetic or low-quality opals as genuine Welo Opal. It is crucial to purchase Welo Opal from reputable sources and to request proper certification or documentation.

9. Allergic Reactions

While rare, some individuals may experience allergic reactions to Welo Opal. If you have a known sensitivity to certain gemstones or metals, it is advisable to consult with a dermatologist or allergist before wearing Welo Opal jewelry.

10. Risk of Investment Loss

As with any gemstone, the value of Welo Opal can fluctuate over time. While it is a beautiful gemstone, it may not retain or increase its value in the same way as other gemstones. It is important to consider the potential risks and rewards before investing a significant amount in Welo Opal.

By being aware of these ten must-know dangers of Welo Opal, you can make an informed decision when purchasing, wearing, or investing in this captivating gemstone. Remember to handle Welo Opal with care, follow proper maintenance guidelines, and always purchase from reputable sources to ensure you enjoy its beauty for years to come.

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